Get To Know Me

❤ No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart. ❤

☆I’m somewhere hidden between these 19 sentences!☆

♥ A wandering paradox.

♥ Suffers from mild Lethologica.

♥ Is a Librocubicularist.

♥ A violet-coloured half-rimmed glasses sits on the bridge of her nose.

♥ A socially awkward misfit who never tries to fit in.

♥ Either gets jealous or tries to outnumber but never a fangirl!

♥ A mirage of a rude person to unknown people; talking machine to her friends.

♥ Lacks a sweet tooth but has an addiction towards blueberry muffins.

♥ Obsessed with quotes, idioms and Greek originated words.

♥ Prefers Tea more than Coffee but during winters becomes a coffee addict!

♥ Doesn’t search for escape in books but searches for realms of reality.

♥ She would rather stand alone than get swarmed by the crowd.

♥ Without being the gooey eyed who wears her heart on the sleeve person, she writes romance stories.

♥ In love with Classic tales. Pride and Prejudice forever!

♥ Loves passionate encounters between characters. Geez!

♥ In a world full of critics, she tries to be a person who encourages instead of being the Satan of crushed dreams.

♥ Contributing author at Dad’s Darling Daughter.

♥ Dreams of publishing her so novel one day.

♥ Believes that ultimate perfection is unattainable but if desired can curve out a route to excellence.

❤ When chasing love at any cost; The pathways meet but seldom cross. I dream of dreams—Once dreamt, now lost. How sunshine steals from autumn frost. ❤
— Michael Faudet


1 thought on “Get To Know Me

  1. A expression I can never calim! You are one heck of a writter hoping to see great posts!


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