‘The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter’ penned by the 23 year old author, Shilpa Raj is a memoir where she chronicles the lives of three generations of her family and foretells the story of a girl born in an “untouchable” family, how she conquers the hardships and what it truly means to be born in such a family that is bound by age-old traditions, faces oppressive practices by the upper castes and how she beats down the difficulties and doesn’t let them overwhelm her so that she can pursue a life she wants to live.

The book adds a refreshing touch to the modern-day literature due to its divergence from the mainstream themes and the honest and sincere way of storytelling by Shilpa Raj is indeed going to make this book set a new record in the upcoming days of modern literature. It is a moving memoir which is sure going to make a place of its own in a reader’s heart. Shilpa Raj is an inspiration for the youngsters of this generation as she teaches that no matter how hard the challenges are, if you are determined to chase your dreams and make it your reality, no matter how big of an obstacle it is, you will never let it overpower you.

Her inclination towards the desire of pursuing education to overcome the challenges of caste system were high and when God granted her with such an opportunity she grasped it with both her hands at the first hint of it. A philanthropist took her into a boarding school that was built solely with the idea of providing quality education and residential care to the disadvantaged children proved to be a turning point in Shilpa’s life. She embraced the modernity that came with the education and when she returned to her village, she faced the contrasting realities between the two worlds. It was as if she straddled two worlds: one of hardship, servitude, injustice and village traditions; and the other of opportunity and empowerment.

On the course of her journey on walking down the path of her dreams that she wanted as a reality, she had to face opposition and rejection from her own family. But with her willpower she managed to overcome all the obstacles and penned down her life journey in the form of a memoir, which today we know as ‘The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter’. She gives an in-depth viewpoint and narrates the true story from a first person perspective in a descriptive manner capturing the events of her own life and all the secrets and experiences of her family – poverty, social indignity, violence and murder and how the opportunity of education curved out a new destination for her and helped her achieve her dreams.
The book is set out to release on 28th July 2017 and will be available worldwide. Shilpa Raj will be seen reading passages from her book ‘The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter’ which will be featured in the Netflix film Daughters of Destiny. Peter Miller, a highly respected literary and film agent in the U.S., will be representing her and overseeing her book’s publication.

The title of the book represents her father’s occupation as an elephant chaser. The title itself is a contrast between the two worlds: one of her family, the one she had before her education and the other after she pursued her education and stepped away from all the age-old familial traditions to create a world she wants to live in.

‘The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter’ with the addition of personal touch from Shilpa Raj is surely going to set a new record when it comes to literary works. It is no work of fiction; it’s a personal story and this debut book of hers is sure to be read and appreciated by the conscious readers and other literary enthusiasts.



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