TODAY’S FEATURED BOOK: Dharmayoddha Kalki by Kevin Missal

Heya my lovely readers! Hope you all are doing fine. I have got a little surprise for you all. So, I haven’t done any feature posts from a long time. Now sounds like the perfect time to do it! So, let’s get down to the details, shall we?

Title: Dharmayoddha Kalki

Subtitle: Avatar of Vishnu

Author: Kevin Missal

Publisher: Kalamos Literary Services LLP

ISBN-13: 9788193503300

Total Number of Pages: 462

I got a little lucky and had a chance to ask the author two questions that I had in mind. Read on to see what he replied.

1) What made you choose a mythological topic for your debut novel? Were you always fascinated by mythology?

Ans: Yes. It was initially Greek Mythology. I loved Percy Jackson. Then Roman Mythology then Christian mythology and then Hindu mythology. I love mythology and that’s why I chose it

2) I can’t imagine in any possible way that writing this book was easier for you. So can you share with us how you gained so much insight on ‘Kalki’ that you could pen a book on this character? To what extent did you research to gain in-depth knowledge on this mythological Avatar and what should the readers expect to know from the book?

Ans. I have been researching for Kalki for two years. I read Kalki Purana, Vishnu Purana, read Bhagvad Gita and read a lot of articles, interviews by Pandits.. But most of it was also fantasy.

This book is up for pre-orders and I’ll share the links down below to make it easy for you to grab your copies!

To pre-order your copy from Amazon, click here and if you want to order from Pustakmandi, click right here. 


That was all about today’s post. I’ll be back in my next blog post with something interesting to keep your attention! Until then, don’t fall sick! Stay happy and stay blessed 😊❤. Oh and by the way, I made a record today! A record of writing the shortest blog post ever😂.


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