Book Review of I Killed Her Written By Sachin Jha


Today’s a new day and my day starts with a new book. So, let’s raid the bookshelf and see what’s in my fate for today!


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…and this is how it looks (and it is served along with a little bit of self-promotion! :p)


It’s I Killed Her by Sachin Jha. Hmm…sounds pretty good. Let me peek into the pages and I’ll get down to the review.


(Two Days Later)

I have no idea what is going on here except that in this post I’ll be reviewing the book. So, without any further ado, let’s get down to it, shall we?



Book Title: I Killed Her

Author: Sachin Jha

Format: Paperback

Total Number of Pages: 165

Publisher: Kalamos Literary Services, LLP

Publication Date: 20th September 2017

Language: English

Genre: Romance


Review By Sohinee Dey

When I first received this book, from the look of it, I assumed this would be one of those psychological thrillers where a psychopath wines and dines a lady and when it is finally bedtime (er…which doesn’t involve sleeping), he kills them. As far as I remember, there was one such movie whose name I have forgotten for now.


But before you go ahead and assume my assumption to be true, let me tell you that it is far from the genre of Psychological Thriller. The story is more of a romantic one which in the end tries to give a social message which I believe have fallen on deaf ears. The message needed to be louder and clearer but unfortunately, it was not. Let’s not focus on the negative for now.

Surprisingly, the male protagonist’s name is similar to that of the author’s. I don’t know for sure if the storyline is any how related to his real life, but it could be and not too. Anyways, let’s discuss the plotline in brief.

The book opens up with Sachin being confused about his life and after the tragedy where “he killed her”, he opts to visit a psychiatrist and psychologist both because apparently there are people out there who doesn’t really know the difference between the two, er…just like me. Then the plot reels back and Sachin starts narrating the story from his point of view. The narrative is written in a diary entry format which switches to chapters with headings later on in the book. Maybe it was to separate the past and the present.

The genre is Romance and like any other stories from such a genre, there has to be a heroine. Sachin first meets Riya at a wedding party and is instantly taken by her but doesn’t have the courage to express his feeling for her. So, he takes to social media and wishes her good luck for her examinations. From there starts their relationship. I won’t disclose much about it because it’s written in clear words in the book. Once you read it, you’ll get to know. No spoiler alert people!


If I had to sum up the entire storyline, I would say that I Killed Her basically focuses on inter caste marriage and the tons of problems associated to it and also tries to shed a light over the dowry system which is still very prominent in this era.

Sachin feels responsible for Riya’s death and hence, the title, I believe. How, When, Where…I am not going to answer them :p. That is for you to find out.


They say that don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but, we humans tend to do exactly the opposite of what we are told not to do. Yes, I am guilty for judging this book by it’s cover. The cover was the first thing which I noticed when I received this book.

I really loved the concept which the author tried to input into his story. There are many few stories which actually addresses Dowry and Inter caste marriages. I would say that it was really thoughtful of the author.

The language was very simple and lucid. I’ll take that as a positive point keeping in mind that we have different types of readers. Though I am not really a fan of simplistic language, I would say that readers who are not high on the language bar (unlike me), you would have a great time reading this.

Talk about the title! It might trick you to believe that this is a psychological thriller, but, it is not. That is a positive point though, isn’t it? Being surprised can be considered as positive!


The execution of the storyline could have been better. The concept was really good but, I felt that with proper execution the social message that the author was trying to give could have been louder, clearer and coherent which in this case, I feel, was not. The impact needed to be more powerful.

The characters needed development. For instance, Riya doesn’t react like that of a person who is in love would. When Sachin confesses that he wants to marry her, Riya is like okay I’ll marry you since you tick all the boxes and you have all the qualities which I am looking for in a man I would marry. Doesn’t it feel…um…cold and unemotional? Okay, I get it that some people do like arranged marriages (it seems) but even when Sachin asks that if they are not in love how can they marry, she is like (picture down below)…


This was just one example. Her character didn’t sit well with me. It needed more background and reasoning, I felt. Also, I couldn’t “feel” them. All I was doing was “reading” their dialogues and the scenes. I felt detached. When I read a book, I want to be consumed by the storyline so that it is the only thing I remember for at least one week!

I don’t know if this book was edited properly because I could spot many grammatical and punctuation errors. At the end of the dialogues, most of them have missed out on “full stops”, no comma at the beginning of the dialogues, missing out on quotation marks, etc. were some of the punctuation errors which I noticed.


Use of past tense after the word “didn’t” was another grammatical mistake which have been repeated throughout the book.


The book is good, far good from some of which I have read in my earlier days of reviewing. All it needs is another round of editing and a dose of proofreading so that the punctuation marks doesn’t miss in the second edition!

Even though it has its own loopholes, I wouldn’t say that this is a bad read because it isn’t. All it needs is a little bit of polishing.


Why not?! If you are looking for a short one time read, this could be your pick. If you are not high on the language, vocabulary and narration, you can make a pass at this book :p! It wouldn’t mind!

In the end, everything which I have discussed about this book is totally my opinion and my perception. Yours can be different from mine. So, unless you read it you wouldn’t know how you would react :p. Everyone deserves a chance, why should a book be left out, no?!



Concept: 3.5/5

Plot: 3/5

Characters: 3/5

Narration: 3/5

Grammar and Punctuation: 2.5/5

Language and Vocabulary: 3/5



You can buy the book from here.

Have you read this book? What are your thoughts on this? What did you think of my review? Comment your thoughts down below!!



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3 thoughts on “Book Review of I Killed Her Written By Sachin Jha

  1. Akshay Sonthalia Oct 25, 2017 — 2:33 am

    Very Interesting Review.
    I launched a book called ‘The Rhymes of Sorcery’ last week.
    I wish you could use your brush strokes of thoughts that delve within you ….
    After reading the book.
    The author of the book is – Greeshma Nandanan

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    1. Hi, I would surely love to review the book. Please e-mail me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible 🙂


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