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fa4d0a71c0d3358a94c25e99f7bc4299--outline-drawings-pencil-drawingsToday, I am going to review “Blowfish” written by Siddharth Tripathi and I am going to keep this review short because well, I was feeling a bit lazy 😛. Seems like a legit reason, right?! 😂

Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Book Title: Blowfish

Author: Siddharth Tripathi

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Bloomsbury India

Publication Date: 21st September 2017

Language: English


Blowfish addresses the main case of people running after high paying jobs, especially of those working in MNCs, towers with those flashy reflective mirrors and don’t forget the people clad in black, clicking shoes, the computer taps! Our ears have been accustomed to our parents’ reiterated phrase time and again, “good education, then a good job, then of course a family”. There’s no way out of this goodness, for most of us. And amidst sticking to this “policy”, often times we forget to give time to what we are really passionate about.

Creativity is always thought (or made to think) of as an hobby. Whenever, we try to be upfront about our likes and want to take it up as our career, we try to break it to our parents in the utmost respectful manner we can possibly manage, but then they have to throw the “NO” bomb! Well, you did see it coming though, didn’t you?

So, with a heavy heart and hunched back, we walk back to what we had swore​ to never walk to. We start working tirelessly, spending hours and hours which would take us a few more steps away from our passion.

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Siddharth Tripathi has captured this very essence of being ensconced in such a job where we have to kill our happiness, where making money is our motto. With increasing responsibilities on our shoulders, there’s no way out of living this frustrated life and quitting becomes a far-fetched option to consider. Nursing a broken heart and crushed under family’s expectations, blowfish is a fun, witty thought-provoking read.

With a simple narrative and even simpler language, you are bound to be in a ride for a witty, funny and a laid back journey where passion is out casted and flashy cars and skyscrapers are the only ones who leave a long lasting impression of success. An Indian, especially of this generation, is most likely to find a part of himself/herself in Mukund, our protagonist. The different characters are split images (not literally) of our homey Indian families and people who pay homage in constructing our society.

There are many hilarious moments in the book, many that would raise eyebrows and others that would force you to furrow your brows.


Mukund quits his job just before he gets to know that he would be thrown out by his boss, at least quitting himself would save him his prestige than being fired by the boss. Still unsure about what he really wants to do and with no such “make-ahead” plans, he finds solace in returning back to writing which once had been his hobby. Chaddha is his flatmate and also excels in buttering his boss but it doesn’t save him from getting fired and in the end he finds comfort in shooting pigeons. Sampu, Mukund’s good friend, who is about to become a father (still has to be habituated to the idea of becoming a father) has to tackle with his pregnant wife’s moods swings.

The chapters are short and fast paced which makes it easy to keep a tab on the characters and also helps in keeping track of what actually happens in the story. The language is lucid and the word flow has been taken care of in equal measure.



Well, I can’t deny the fact that money indeed plays a major factor in our lives and this hasn’t been taken so seriously in the book. A little more thought out situations that justifies this fact would have done the deed but it has been a little neglected, especially in the near end.

Not all my questions were answered, especially of what really happens after Mukund strays away from his job. I think a bit more thought out closure would have been good.


Despite the loopholes, this contemporary piece was realistic and fun to read. (Not always do I say this). So, you better put this on your tbr list!


Title: 4/5

Book Cover: 5/5

Concept: 3.5/5

Plot: 3/5

Characters: 3.5/5

Narration: 3.5/5

Language and Vocabulary: 4/5

Grammar and Punctuation: 4.5/5


You can buy this book from Amazon.

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