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This month, I have received the maximum number of review requests and I am not complaining at all. How could I, when I am getting so many books to read? 😁

Let’s see what I find today to review.

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There, I have The Fictitious Dream written by Ravish T. Ram in my hand 😃.


Book Title: The Fictitious Dream

Author: Ravish T. Ram

Total Number of Pages: 170

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Notion Press

Publication Date: 3rd September 2017

Language: English

Genre: Fantasy/Horror/Science Fiction



Everyone has dreamt of something in their lifetime. I am talking about actual dreams, the ones you see at night or while daydreaming! Mostly, we dream of things which we want there to be in the reality. Ever travelled to a dreamland from where you didn’t want to wake up because it was better than the reality?

tenor (7)

Lost in a faraway land, the beautiful landscapes behind our eyes or meeting our white knight in a shiny armour *sigh*. You would probably not want to wake up from such dreams and then we have the scary ones that makes our heartbeat faster as if someone’s chasing us and makes us sweat as if we were working in a coal mine! Happened with me when I first watched Annabelle. Oh man, was I scared!

Ever thought what would happen if you wake up in a dream? Ever wondered what would happen if your dream became the reality and you had to live in it to survive? How would your life be if you wake up in a dark room amidst the vastness of a desert? You don’t see any other living being, it’s just you, and your eyes can only see long stretches of sand. One moment you are sleeping in your cozy little apartment and the next moment you wake up in a “Nowhere land”, what would you do to cope with the transitional change? Would you be able to remain sane or would you become a victim of insanity?


In “The Fictitious Dream”, the author weaves such a tale where the protagonist wakes up in the middle of a desert, with no other living being visible to him. Even when he calls out for his mother, he only receives silence in response. Meet Rakvendra aka Rak (because his name is too difficult to pronounce), our confused protagonist who wakes up in a “Nowhere Land” with only a pitcher of water to keep him company. Every little thing is gone, just vanished, thankfully his clothes were on or else it would have been an embarrassing journey for Rak to find back his sanity.


With no food, no water and the scorching sun over his head, Rak wandered, walking carefully on the sand, taking notice of his surroundings and confused as to where he was and what was happening. Now, anyone in his position would be scared and confused. But surprisingly, after walking a few hundred metres, he meets with a grumpy old man who wouldn’t answer any of his questions.

As he gets slowly accustomed with his situation, he gets himself tangled into new and confused situations.
Just when he thought that the old man would be of his help, he takes him to a sanatorium and leaves him there without answering any of his questions but Rak does find some human souls to keep him company.

Over the course of this muddled journey, his mind is in chaos. I could feel how perplexed and puzzled he was. With no one to answer his queries, no such relation with reality, I could feel Rak slowly dissolving into the hands of insanity. As he walks through a phase in this “factual bodily dream”, Rak takes upon several roles, starting from a mental patient to someone’s friend to somebody’s husband to a soldier, a prisoner, a fugitive to a leader of a crumbling kingdom.

Just as he was getting settled into this world and everything started to make sense…he finds that the reality is something else. What an human brain can do! But was it all a dream or was it the reality and the one he wakes up in is a dream? I’ll leave a cliffhanger in there! Now, now don’t give me that look. The rest is for you to find. Gotta give you all to work your brains on something, right?!


I was very intrigued with the whole concept behind this book. You know, the whole dreamland thing. It was very creative and was innovative. I am not saying that this idea hasn’t been used before. It has been, but not in this manner not as many times that it would turn into a cliché.

tenor (6)

I liked how the author crafted this mystifying world with equally disconcerting characters. This is what made the whole plotline realistic and relatable.

Now, coming on to the characters, there aren’t much characters in this book and Rak is the only main character and the whole focus is on him. So naturally, the storyline revolves around him completely. The whole book is about him and how he finds his sanity again. There are some supporting characters who helps him to progress in this journey; but they are quite a handful. This is a good thing actually. You are not going to get confused between the characters, nor will it be hard to remember their names and to find out what are their roles in real.

I liked how the book was divided into Part 1 and 2. In part one, Rak is shown to be a confused mess but the author works on his character slowly and in Part 2, we get to see a more matured Rak who is making sense of his situations and even though he struggles to keep up with them, he knows that if he has to survive in this world, he will have to deal with it. This transition was very much coherent in the book.

Somewhere, this story leaves a message…a life lesson. You should never take anything for granted, anything could happen anytime and you must have the energy and the much required knowledge to cope up with the change and not lose your sanity. I don’t know if the author was trying to give away this message or have I become too philosophical, but nevertheless, I did feel this message hidden in the storyline.


I haven’t been fulfilling my role of the big bad wolf lately! So, today I am back once again 😛

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Being an editor, I can’t help but take notice of the small details, and grammatical errors can’t escape my eye. Now, people who have been following my blog and have been keeping tabs on my reviews would know how big of a Grammar Nazi I am.

unnamed (1)

I never forget to mention even the slightest of grammatical glitches. The repeated mistake was the use of past tense after “did” (oh crap! I forgot to take a snap). Now, this is the most common mistake which I come across while reading a book. It’s not something which cannot be fixed; a round of editing will do the work.

The next thing which I believe could have been better though is the narration. For a plot as this, the narration could have been gripping and compelling. The sentence structuring kind of let the narration off the hook. It went like, “I slept, I ate, then I woke up, then I slept again” (an example, not actually included in the book). The sentence structuring were inconsistent which made them lose the continuity in action.


When you break up an action into several short sentences, it kind of loses the strength to actually make sense of the action and it ends up being a malnourished sentence, err…I mean, it doesn’t really sound good while reading (unless you have mastered the art of writing short sentences that doesn’t break the continuity). The flow gets disrupted.

Writing in first person isn’t easy and I understand that but if you come across too many “I” on a loop, it would kind of get irritating. So, the use of “I” could have been minimised.


Generally what writers do to write in first person is, they mostly stuff the “I” somewhere in-between a sentence and not actually begin all the sentences with an “I”. This makes the reader to take less notice of the use of “I”. Maybe that tactic would have made the flow of the narration better. There’s always a second time to do better 🙂

At times, the storyline felt a bit rushed to me. For instance, the scene where the waitress creeps on Rak from behind in the pitch dark hotel room and umm…they start kissing and end up making love. I get it that after such unpleasant days, finding an human connection would have been bliss but it felt rushed to me, as if the story had been fast forwarded. There were more such scenes where I felt the same; it felt as if the author was trying to get done with the scene as soon as possible.

Maybe in the next version, the author will take care of all the shortcomings and will offer a polished work without any loopholes. All it needs is a round of editing and a dose of proofreading and it will be squeaky clean! 🙂


unnamed (5)

Very often do I come across stories that intrigue me and makes me actually want to read the book. This was one such book. Yes, there were loopholes but then it all depends on our perspectives, right? Some of you might not be picky as me and then some of you would be like me 😅. All I have to say is if you are looking for a book which diverts away from the mainstream themes of romance and drama, you could give this book a try. Also, the language is very simple, so, it would be good for readers who are not high on the language and prefers when it’s easy.


Book Cover: 3.5/5

Book Title: 3.5/5

Concept: 4/5

Plot: 4/5

Characters: 3.5/5

Narration: 3/5

Language and Vocabulary: 3/5

Grammar and Punctuation: 3/5


Do you like my style of reviewing? Anything you’d like me to add in the review? Have you read the book? Any book you would recommend me to review? Comment down your thoughts down below 👇👇

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