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I am back once again with another new review. This time it’s a book titled Kalpana: An Imagination written by Yogita.


Book Title: Kalpana: An Imagination

Author: Yogita

Total Number of Pages: 108

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Yogita

Publication Date: 1 January 2016

Language: English

Genre: Fiction/Women’s Fiction




We are what we are today due to our experiences; situations we had tackled and the impacts which people had left on us. Past experiences plays a major role in shaping up a person’s ideology and his/her thought processing. If I had undergone some tragic events in the past, I would most likely try to avoid any such situations that could trigger a reiteration of the tragic event, there would be a hidden ‘fear’ from the components that were involved during the tragic event. But, if something good had happened I would cherish it forever and would hope for a repetition. Different people have different reactions to situations, to some it may be an obstacle while it would be a cup of tea for others. Some can overcome their fears, some cannot.

“Kalpana: An Imagination” is a book where the writer, Yogita takes us on a journey through Kalpana’s life and shows us how she grows with each experience. Kalpana, who was born innocent turns into a mature woman from all the lessons that life teaches her. The book mainly concentrates on how she copes with the various phases of her life as she grows from an infant to an adult.

Born in an Indian traditional family, Kalpana is the light of everyone’s eye in her family and all her family members invests heavily on her when it comes to affection. They are protective of her, cherishes her and are supportive to her. But, on a one fine tragic day, she loses her grandfather. Soon after, her aunt and uncle follows. She was very close to her grandfather and considered him as her best friend and losing so many closed ones at such a tender age affected her deeply. Everyone in her family were deeply affected and thus, they weren’t able to pay much attention to her. She was unable to share how she felt with anyone and as a result she ultimately became a victim to depression.

1511936118396To top it all, Kalpana’s father passed away soon after. Too many loses in too little time left deep scars in each of her family members but mostly it affected Kalpana but there was no one to pay heed to her because everyone were busy in their own mourning. This way, Kalpana started feeling detached from her family all the more.

Kalpana’s mother was a calm and a patient lady but coping with all the loses and managing the family single-handedly gave her less time to nurture and take care of Kalpana. A mother is everything to a child and when he/she doesn’t get the love and support from the closest person, it reflects on his/her daily activities. Kalpana started losing focus from her studies and who once used to excel in all subjects now became an average student. Gradually she became quiet and moody.

Another incident that Kalpana had to encounter was when her trust was exploited by her cousin brother. While Kalpana considered him as a brother, he had filthy thoughts in his mind. She couldn’t say what happened with her to anybody because she had already been threatened by him and also because she couldn’t comprehend what really happened to her. She also felt ashamed that she let it happen. All these thoughts burdened her and she was swimming down the depression zone more. She was teased, bullied and humiliated by her classmates and she had no one to defend her. She felt lonely and lost in a dark abyss from where she was trying to emerge with each passing day but to no avail.

She struggled with each day but she became stronger as days passed and soon there was a noticeable development in her academics too. Emotionally she was detached, but she was determined to divulge to the top and secure that position for ever. She shared everything with her elder sister, Nidhi one day because she couldn’t bear all the emotional trauma anymore and that was a good decision on her part. Nidhi helped her and took special care of her.

As she grew, she met with different scenarios and gained experiences from them. It made her stronger and determined. When earlier she couldn’t withstand new changes, now, she was mature enough to tackle any situation that life posed at her.

This book would be a good read for people of all generations but mostly, youngsters would be able to relate to the character of Kalpana. We all go through hurdles in our life and we learn a new lesson from each of them. All these shapes us into what we are today. We all have a Kalpana in us.

The book is a short read and the chapters describe each phase Kalpana goes through. Though the chapters are short, with each chapter Kalpana learns a new lesson and we get to see the metamorphosis of Kalpana from a sweet and innocent kid to a mature and a humble woman. This book can be completed in just a few hours. I loved the book cover, it really goes well with the title and the overall concept behind the book.

I would have loved the book more if the language and narration would have been more refined and polished. As new characters were introduced in each chapter and since, the chapters were also short, the characters weren’t developed thoroughly​. Only Kalpana was the developed character here. I felt the other characters needed more screen space so that they could develop as they were also a part of Kalpana’s journey towards maturation. The tense kept fluctuating from past to present, I felt it would have been better if a single tense had been maintained throughout the book. I spotted some grammatical and punctuation errors so, I would say that it would be better if the book is edited and proofread once again.


You wouldn’t need much time to complete this book. A reader could easily relate with Kalpana and I believe that is the best part of the book.

If you are looking for a short read and need a break from your busy schedule, you can pick this book.


Let me know your thoughts on the review down below 👇😃. I would love to hear from you 😊.



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