Book Title: Amazon Adventure

Author: Kamaleswar Mukherjee

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Bee Books

Publication Date: 1 Jan 2017

Language: English

Genre: Graphic Novel/ Action/ Adventure/ Thriller/ Children’s Book



Amazon Adventure is an enthralling story of two adventurers – Shankar & Anna who travel thousands of miles to reach the mythical city of Gold – El Dorado. With natural difficulties, wild animals, savage tribes, and vicious gold digger, it’s story of discovery & knowledge, unrelenting courage, survival, loss & pain. But above all, it is a tale of universal human bond and connection & the wisdom an individual gains from it.



I would start by mentioning that “Amazon Adventure” is now a major motion picture. The original version, “Amazon Obhijan” has become the talk of the town and the movie adaptation is set out to release on 22nd December and it’s an Snf Entertainment initiative starring Dev as Shankar, the lead protagonist.

Okay, let’s get back to the review!

This was the first time that I read a graphic novel in my adult years! (If you exclude tinkle and Mickey mouse :P)

Amazon Adventure, as the title reads, is the story about two adventurers who have their eyes on El Dorado, also known as the City of Gold. On their journey, they faces many obstacles and at times they are almost on the verge of giving up; fighting off dangerous animals to proving their innocence to the tribes to surviving the attacks of the Gold Hunters, they have to face it all. As they walk on this dangerous road to discovery, it’s for you to find out what awaits them on every nook and corner of this expedition. Will they make it alive?


The graphics were amazing. I loved the detailing and the scenic views, they were picturesque. There were many action scenes and they were really detailed, many BOOMS and POWS! It must be difficult to draw the action scenes but, the artist has been able to capture the emotions really well. Victory or fear, it was all there in the characters’ faces!

Since it’s a graphic novel, I cannot really point towards narration and dialogues. But, while reading, at some points the story felt a bit disconnected. For instance, it wasn’t made clear whether Isabella survived or died. After killing the Jaguar which had attacked Isabella, Shankar, Anna and Marco (Anna’s Father) continue their journey. There was another scene where Marco gets killed by the Anaconda but in that case too, after killing the anaconda, Shankar and Anna continue their journey. This kind of made them look as if they are unemotional and I don’t have any attachment towards the characters who died. The sense of grief and sadness was missing. I felt, for these scenes, a few more dialogues and pictures would have sufficed the disconnection.

The pace of the book could have been a bit slowed down, perhaps. I felt as if everything was happening too fast and too soon. But penning down a story for the first time and that too a graphic novel, the author has indeed done a great job.

Well, since the original book is in Bengali which also happens to be my mother tongue 😄 and “Amazon Adventure” is a translated work, maybe that’s why the narration at times felt as if it was missing some important elements and wasn’t really well-connected. Most of the time, we find that an original version is better than the translated one. Also, the author himself happens to be the director of the movie “Amazon Obhijan”! 😁 Nonetheless, this was a great experience of reading a graphic novel.


I enjoyed my time reading this graphic novel.
This book would be fit for both youngsters and adults. Since, the book has two versions: English and Bengali, readers can choose which one they would want to read, the story remains the same!




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