Book Title: The Indigo Sun

Author: Rupa Bhullar

Total Number of Pages: 292

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Publication Date: 20 Dec 2017

Language: English

Genre: Fiction



Home—neither a place you live in, nor a place you arrive at. It’s where you belong and ultimately return—a return to the beginning, a return within.The Indigo Sun is an enchanting tale set amidst the deserts of Rajasthan where Maya, a young NRI woman is led on a transformative journey by a young boy Ananda; a mystic gypsy woman named Leela; and Veer, a well-respected, socially driven entrepreneur from London. Together, they embark on a colourful odyssey encompassing culture, heritage, simplicity and celebration of life. In this unknown and distant land surrounded by strangers, Maya’s past, present and future come together as do her body, mind and soul. She discovers another meaning of life, forms incredible bonds, meets the man of her dreams and finally comes face-to-face with her truth—the indigo sun, a treasure that lay buried in her heart all along. She is finally home.



In The Indigo Sun, the author, Rupa Bhullar captures Rajasthan in such a bewitching manner with her tantalising storytelling. The caricature of her writing style made Jaipur look more mystifying than it is to the eyes! Well, I am not complaining at all.

The Indigo Sun tells the story of Maya who lives in the US but her heart is at Jaipur, the city where she was born. Upon a fatal road accident that killed her father, Maya along with her mother shifted to US to start a new life. As they got settled and got acquainted with the American habits, unanswered questions started to niggle Maya. To seek answers, she decided to visit her birthplace, Jaipur.


Maya who went to med school made a career in psychiatry, has a good earning, is well-settled but still she feels that something’s amiss.

As she boards on Jaipur, she meets a little boy Ananda, in the hotel who happens to be the son of the Durban of the hotel and instantly they become friends. This unique bond helps Maya to unlock some of the treasures of Rajasthan. A person who has been away from her birthplace for so long, gets reacquainted with her homeland. Her soul which had been agitated for so long, finally made its peace.

The author deliberately didn’t form any romantic relation between Maya and Ananda and it was evident in the much created age difference between the two. Though at times, I felt that the narration carried a hint of the forbidden attraction. This only made the narration more enchanting. The language is ornamental and somewhat philosophical. I loved the fact that the author let Maya take the lead; she rediscovered herself and kept digging to uncover all the underlying secrets, she kept searching until her soul was calm.

Each person she meets on her journey teaches her a new lesson. She meets Ananda’s parents, she comes across a gypsy in Pushkar, meets Veer; there are more characters but I won’t discuss about them in detail. Her search for answers introduces her to new places such as Bikaner, Ajmer and Jodhpur; the places which had been known to her at once, she sees them again but in a new light.


The language is what really stood out to me in the entire book. The way the scenes are vividly described, the author meant to write it that way, perhaps.

I would say that the book is more language and thought driven than plot because if I think of it, there isn’t much of a strong plot where a reader would have to unravel each part of the story to get to the actual meaning. Though it’s not really a bad thing, I am more into plot than philosophical talks; I like a balance between the two because too much of fancy words and accentuated sentences kind of puts me off.

The book is enchanting to read (as promised) and the language really suits Rajasthan, it has that “majestic” feel to it. I would recommend this book of course, but I would warn you that there isn’t “too much” going on in the book.




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