Book Title: Stop Loving Me

Author: Pranay Tiwari

Format: Paperback

Total Number of Pages: 258

Publisher: Notion Press

Publication Date: 24 October 2017

Language: English

Genre: Fiction



Have you ever done a good deed?
Read this book before you plan to do one!
This is the story of Aman, an engineering student,
Rishav, a college mate on the verge of death, the beginning of a campaign,
and a merciless God.
Some stories never die until avenged.

The above title is on a social cause with the taste of love and revenge. It is all about what sort of things someone has to overcome if he steps out to do some good. It is a pacific of all the emotions a person has to undergo and plan accordingly. You can learn what you’ll have to go through in the future and prepare for that before it comes.



Stop Loving Me, the title might make you think that this book is all about forbidden love or something related love and revenge. It isn’t actually. There is love involved but it’s not the centre topic of the book.


They say that when you’re off to a good cause, you’ll have to overcome many hurdles because you’re going against the flow. Many people will block your road to success because on the inside they know that you’re capable of bringing a change. The author has taken this thought at heart and had woven a story out of it.

“Everyone knows that the first step to do something great is to make the start.”

This is so rightfully true, isn’t it? Yet we fail to take that one step. But, in “Stop Loving Me”, the characters aren’t afraid make a start. The story focuses on a social cause, it shows how difficult it indeed is to do a good deed and stand away from the crowd. When every step is crowned with a new hurdle, do the characters become successful in fulfilling their motive or they give up?

The story begins with Alok shuffling through the pages of a diary, Aman’s diary to be specific. The whole story is written in the form of a diary entry with new chapter headings. The whole story which unfolds is actually read from the diary. Aman is no doubt the protagonist in the story but the plotline doesn’t revolve only around him.

Aman, an engineering student along with his friends decides to hold a campaign protesting for the well-being of Rishav, his college mate who is struggling with his life at the hospital. Aman receives a phone call from Kunal who informs him that Rishav had went into a coma. To top it, the doctors at the hospital had informed that he needs to be shifted to Delhi as soon as possible. It is then that they with the help of other college students gather up in front of the Chief Minister’s house to seek help. They face many problems over the course of time but their faith in God helps them to stay put. The rest of the story explores how they deal with the situations and whether or not the final outcome is satisfactory.

Overall, the plot is quite simple but the thoughts that went into making the story are quite complex. I liked how the author didn’t concentrate only on one character but included all the characters in the spotlight. The language is simple, the flow and the narration are also good. It’s like a bunch of friends united for the same social cause. The dialogues had that friendly vibe to them and were very light and informal. The scenes were also well described.

The cover in itself is good but I would have preferred if the cover was something related to the plot. There were some grammatical mistakes which I spotted but they can be easily corrected with a round of editing. I was a bit confused about who was actually the voice in the story, was it the author himself or was it Alok or was it Aman. So, the person behind the “I” was a bit unclear to me.

Nonetheless, the book is really good and I was expecting a love story but turned out love isn’t the main theme of the book. It was a good surprise!





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