Book Title: Equations of A Being

Subtitle: A Being Who Gathered Moss

Author: Ashutosh Gupta

Total Number of Pages: 170

Publisher: Notion Press

Publication Date: 5 August 2017

Language: English

Format: Paperback

Genre: Philosophy / Poetry / Humanities




If you have a penchant for both reason and abstractness, this intriguing piece of literature shouldn’t be missed. Equations of a Being beautifully coalesces the author’s thought pieces pertaining to the existential spectrum. Never has there been a book that blended emotions, intellect, and imagination so seamlessly, to celebrate a being in totality.

The author depicts his artistic persuasion, the enriched and disintegrated fragments of his existence, and the conclusions based on his interactions with the physical and abstract elements of life in a compelling and unbridled manner.

It’s a book for the ages that will let you trace the complete trajectory of a being and realize that a being has been and will always be a convergence of his tryst with abstractness, his acceptance of vulnerability, and his surge for virtuosity.



Out of all the books that I have reviewed until now, the one I am about to review today is the toughest one. Not because I didn’t understand what was talked about in this book or that I found the content difficult. It’s because of the reason that the book cannot be categorised into a particular genre. The book stands out due to its uniqueness and doesn’t let any genres bow it down.


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I don’t think I am going to be able to describe the book any better than it has been done in the blurb. As it has been said in the blurb “the author depicts his artistic persuasion, the enriched and disintegrated fragments of his existence, and the conclusions based on his interactions with the physical and abstract elements of life in a compelling and unbridled manner.” As the title reads Equations of a Being : A Being Who Gathered Moss suggests that the author himself is the “being” he is talking about. From what I could interpret, the author talks about the whole process he went through to develop into the person who he is today; he shares all those moments, the shifts in his life, the way his perception changed over time, gathering “moss” (knowledge) on this journey of his life and finally came out of this phase as an enlightened soul with a deeper understanding of life. This actually is a never-ending phase, you keep revolving in this cycle of life, transforming from one person to another. No, I am not talking about after life or seven births. Over the period of time, we undergo several changes that not only affects our body but also leaves a long lasting effect on our mind. We keep transforming, our mentality keeps changing over time, we are able to visualise things which we couldn’t earlier, we start to think differently…it’s all a never-ending cycle and we keep growing with our experiences.

I am not sure if my interpretation coincided with that of the author’s but that’s the beauty of philosophy though, isn’t it? Each person can derive a different meaning from the same phrases and see differently.

Now coming on to the content of the book, the book is divided into sixteen parts. The author starts off by talking about how he finds solace in writing. Writing proves to be the biggest brakes that the author has in his life and he calls it as the “dawn” since it is an important element of the author’s life and acts as a medium of expression for him. An artist is able to leave a mark on a person’s psyche with his/her creativity and somewhere in his journey of writing, the author finds an artist in himself. Through his journey he is better acquainted with his soul as he searches for the meaning of his existence. He starts to understand the elements of his existence. Over time, he gets a taste of his first love all the while exploring the fine line between beauty and sensuality. The author has covered all the topics that a being is introduced to. Starting from his abstract fragmented thoughts to his interaction with physical and spiritual aspects and everything in-between, the author has talked about everything in the book.

The various aspects of life have been talked about in the book. Life, existence, creativity, love, beauty, sensuality, women, relation between a man and a woman, feminism and so many more different subject matters are talked about which are difficult to put into words otherwise. The author has presented this transitional journey of his through the medium of a string of short sentences. The number of words that went into the making of sentences are few but the meaning behind them are indeed deep. The thoughts are philosophical and has the power to open the eyes of people to different perspectives.

There’s no story or narration to talk about. It’s not fiction, there’s no plot, there’s no dialogues. The author had taken a stall, observed life and had peeked inside himself. He has done a lot of soul searching and the understanding which he has of existentialism is clearly visible in the philosophical quotes he has penned.

The book isn’t something which should be finished in one sitting. The quotes are something which needs to be understood and digested. They aren’t difficult to understand once you really concentrate to unveil the meaning behind the words.

I have been reading so much of fiction books lately that when I finished reading Equations of A Being, I felt cleansed, light-hearted and enlightened. This book was a pleasant surprise. I loved the vocabulary, I loved the meanings and the way the sentences are structured. In fact, there’s nothing about the book that I could complain about.


If you are someone who is going through a tough time in your life or if you are a lost soul trying to understand who you are, you should definitely read this book.

Once you learn who you are and have been acquainted well with your soul, it gets so much more easier to accept yourself as you are and be content with it. I have walked down the lane of soul-searching and I truly feel at peace with myself.




Ashutosh Gupta started writing in his late teens, as the urge to pen down his abstract reflections began overwhelming him. He has graduated his Bachelors of Technology; however, writing has always been his driving force. He primarily writes thought pieces pertaining to the existential spectrum.

He has written a short e-book The Constituents of Virtue, which has garnered reasonable acclaim. Influenced by the works of Franz Kafka and Leo Tolstoy, Metamorphosis is one book he wishes he had written.

With Equations of a Being, he takes his first strides as a full-fledged author and hopes to leave an undeniable mark on each and every psyche. He currently works with a Multi-National Corporation (MNC) and lives in Ghaziabad, his residence for the past twenty years.

Apart from writing, he has a penchant for music, cooking, and mimicry.




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