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Book Title: Great Textpectations

Author: Ruchi Vadehra

Total Number of Pages: 190

Publisher: Rupa Publications

Publication Date: 20 May 2018

Language: English

Genre: Fiction / Romance



‘Great Textpectations’ is a modern day romance which is quite relatable in this time where social media has taken over the world. People are forming love relationships over the internet. Texting also plays a major role in finding love these days.

This book features a female lead protagonist, Amaya Kapoor who is a self sufficient, self-independent woman who have no interest in small talks. She bears a straightforward attitude and doesn’t have time for gossiping. The thirty five year old happily single woman harbours a dream of opening a boutique bookstore one day. But for now, she is happy with her business and her girl group.

Whoever would have thought that a game of Scramble would break her tag of “single woman”.

Rohan Kashyap is the male protagonist of the story. Amaya and Rohan get into chatting over a game of Scramble online and one thing leads to another and they take it from online friends to getting to know each other in reality. The rest, you can picture it easily. No more spoilers!

There are several other characters other than the main leads so there’s plenty of time to be distracted from the love buds! While The supporting characters doesn’t have anything much to add to the storyline, they sure does accentuate the scenes and adds up to the theme of the book.

Finding love over Texting is the main theme of book and Ruchi Vadehra has given many scenes to justify the theme. Text messages while not being a good medium to express our emotions well, surely does helps in interacting with people and to begin some sort of relationship.

The text messages were relatable. I was able to get glimpses of both the characters’ thought processing through their text messages. They were funny and at times flirty and other times some deep personal talks.

When I was reading about the Amaya and Arun in real life ( in the book of course), they seemed different from how they presented themselves in their messages. So, that was a bit confusing but then again, we do pretend to be something we are not when we are talking to strangers over the internet.

The narration was good except that the flow seemed abrupt at some points. I also experienced a lack of continuity in the pace. At times, it felt too fast and other times the narrative had a languid pace. I did like the writing style of the author. I could picturize the scenes before my eyes and it always feels good to visualise what you’re reading. As for the characters, I felt that young adults and the present generation would be able to relate to them more.


All in all, it’s a good book which wouldn’t take up too much of your time. For recommendations, I would say that if you’re into modern day love tales, you can surely choose to read ‘Great Textpectations’.




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