Book Title: The Lost Arcanum


Author: Navin Reuben Dawson

Total Number of Pages: 464

Publisher: Invincible Publishers

Publication Date: 3rd February 2018

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Genre: Fiction/Historical/Mystery/Thriller/Suspense



Arcanum is a lost cache of esoteric wisdom guarded by a prehistoric secret brotherhood that besides holding dangerous information on disciplines ranging from metaphysical science, alchemy, advanced microbiology, anthropology and exhaustive cosmogony had known to contain, amongst many other, mankind’s greatest untold truth about his origin. It’s the subject of one of history’s intriguing mysteries that was lost to time. But now, the hunt to unearth that cache of lost esoteric wisdom has begun once more. On the verge of solving series of gruesome murders, CBI officer, Jake Stevens, is pulled from the investigation. Intrigued, Jake seek answers and eventually stumbles upon a link that connects his long dead father and the murders to a secret – The Lost Arcanum. The link – a meticulously crafted cipher propels Jake through labyrinth of ancient secrets, hidden history and unseen truths scattered across the mysterious landscape of India, drawing him closer to a devastating secret buried since the beginning of time. With an unexpected company of Taneez – a historian, entangled in a treacherous chase with a professional killer and covert organization, Jake find himself on a deadly collision course with forces of vengeance, greed, power and the lost history itself.

Reviewed by Sohinee Dey

When history, science and mystery coalesces together, a book as such can give you an experience of a timeless tale. ‘The Lost Arcanum’ by Navin Reuben Dawson is one such amalgamation that branches out on so many different levels yet stays true in its essence; a thriller of a kind. Considering the number of the disciplines the book accommodates, it is no surprise that ‘The Lost Arcanum’ is a voluminous book with copious amounts of details. Reading this book might be an adventurous ride for some while for others it can be an Herculean task to reach the final culmination. Good for me that I am undaunted by difficult tasks, or in this case, a difficult book.

A series of murders which leads to their investigation by Jack Stevens, recruited by the CBI makes up for a part of the kernel of the story. While investigating, it is found that the concatenation of the events ultimately leads to a hidden secret, which is to remain a secret until you read the book. While Stevens is released from investigating the murders further, David Craig is appointed in his place. But it is not convincing enough for Stevens so he sets out to carry out his own research on the case. And we are all familiar with the proverbial curiosity of the cat.

The narrative alternates between lengthy historic explanations elucidating the significance of the Arcanum and illustrations of the present day murder mystery plotline. While the first few pages can evoke a sense of ennui and dullness, the narrative approaches an appreciable pace later in the book. Given the complexity of the novel, Dawson favoured an accessible and unembellished diction over a demanding one which worked in his favour.

Another creditable point would be the development of the characters. Navin was thorough in developing the characters which of course would have been an exhaustive process for him because he could have easily surrendered to the overwhelming keynotes of the novel leaving behind underdeveloped characters. Fortunately, ‘The Lost Arcanum’ didn’t have to reach that fate.

The only negative point about the novel would be the grammatical errors and a few countable number of misprints.

Poesy In Chrysalis

I am refraining myself from divulging into sharing any more information about the book because I don’t want to ruin your reading experience.

A reader is likely to be unnerved and daunted by the expansive size of the text but I can only offer as much assurance that it would be a worthwhile journey.




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