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It’s your girl, Sohinee who’s about to get informal and chaotic in this post! It will be a long journey, so brace yourself and read till the end for some bonus content! 🌷 As you would have guessed by now, in this post I am going to talk about reading habits, tips & tricks to tackle your TBR. And, if at some point you wonder what happened to my language skills, please know that this post was supposed to go up in 2017 (and I didn’t edit it much) but then it got rejected for reasons unknown *coughs* and I was still a baby back then, so… *laughs in books*. So every time you come across this year, know that it was 2017 and not 2022.

People always ask me how I manage to read 200-300 books a year and I am going to spill all the beans in this post! (tread carefully over the exclamation marks because there are a lot ahead 😅). So drink that coffee, sip on your tea, munch your cookies and lets roll!

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Frankly, I don’t really have any secrets. It’s just that every person has a different reading speed. I know, I know, you’re probably in that ‘bleh’ moment but this is the truth. I used to be a very slow reader (slower than a tortoise). But over these few years, I have worked on my reading speed. Review copies/ARCs also pushed me to increase my speed of reading.

So whatever I say in this blog post might not be something you thought of trying out or have thought but never tried out (I know, most of us are lazy bums!)


Before I begin with the actual topic, let me add one more thing here. If you want to take down that TBR of yours, you really have to LOVE reading. You have to be passionate about the process of reading. If reading books feel like a chore to you, if reading as many books as possible is the only aim you have, then the reading tips that I am going to share won’t really work for you.

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Unless and until you are really committed and you really enjoy reading books, even if you manage to read 100 books, you won’t be satisfied with the results because deep down you would know that you didn’t enjoy the process.

Is that huge pile of unread books staring you down? Is your TBR intimidating you? Hang in there, I’ve got you covered!

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Let me share some of my reading tips which actually helped me to develop my reading speed. And, here goes nothing! *singing*



First thing first, you need to set a goal. This is an obvious point but I have seen people who forget about it and don’t really set a reading goal. They try to stuff in as many books as they can in a year. DO NOT DO THAT. This is like aiming for straight As without studying. Without preparations and without aiming for a target, nothing can be achieved. Freestyle doesn’t work in everything. There’s no need to set a crazy reading goal (say, 500 books) right at the beginning of a year.


I set a goal of reading 50 books this year but when I completed that in two months, I increased it to 100. So, my advice would be to set small goals. Goal that you think you can achieve. Baby steps work best. Don’t ask me why. It’s just a psychology thing. When you have a smaller goal, you are more likely to complete it in a small amount of time and then once you have completed it, you can increase your reading goal. No need to go ham on the Goodreads reading challenge. I know, maybe you want to show off to your friends a bit by reading too many books, but trust me, it’ll just frustrate you when you won’t be able to meet up to those crazy numbers.


After you have set a reading goal, the next step would be to divide the total number of books for 12 months. The division doesn’t have to be equal but keeping an equal number of books for each month does help and it also helps to keep a consistent reading pace throughout the year.

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Another thing would be to have a balance between heavy reads and light reads. While selecting books for each month, make sure that you add both thick and thin books. This will help to keep continuity in your reading pace and will also help you to enjoy the process without feeling burdened.


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Now this might not be applicable for every person out there, but if you are really looking to take down that pile of unread books, try reading 2-3 books at a time. For book reviewers and bloggers like me, reading multiple books at a time helps a lot to get through the review copies. This way, your TBR won’t have enough power to intimidate you. There’s no harm in trying, right? If it doesn’t work out for you, you can always switch back to reading one book at a time.


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This might seem a little tough, but my advice would be to not buy any more books until you have read the ones from your TBR pile. If you buy new ones, you’ll want to read those books and your tbr pile will remain untouched. I know it’s really tempting to buy new books when there are so many amazing offers, new releases, book fairs, etc. but as they say “too much of anything is bad”, it turns out that splurging too much can actually be bad. If you did finish reading the books from your unread pile, then sure, go ahead and treat yourself! Birthdays can an exception *winks*

(Who am I kidding? I do this all the time!)



Everyone has a favorite genre(s) which they are most drawn to and they are likely to read that particular genre most of the time. But, I would recommend trying out different genres. You never know when you find your second favorite! Also reading books from multiple genres helps to cut down the monotony when we read books from a particular genre for several days. Couple them up. If your current read is a mystery novel, try reading a collection of short stories next. If it’s a crime fiction, for your next read, pick something humorous or maybe even a comic/graphic novel, if you’re into them. Find your picks and then couple them according to your liking. When you keep doing this every time you read, you’ll get used to it.


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I read two books a day (when I am not in a slump). So, I read around 500-600 pages a day. But I didn’t get to this number at once. It took me almost 4 years to get to this reading speed. I invested a lot of time and hours and hours of practice. My advice would be to start with a small number. Say, 50 pages a day. You can surely do that. A day constitutes of 24 Hrs and 50 pages can be easily read. Keep increasing the number of pages every day and no sooner than later you’ll have a lightning speed!


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If you want to increase your reading speed, the most important part would be to invest as much of your time as you can in reading. I invest 10-12 Hrs a day into reading books. Staring at your mobile phone, scrolling through social media and stalking other people can definitely be fun and addicting, but reading a few pages of that unfinished book that you have tucked away in your bookshelf would be even better. Practice makes a man perfect. Practicing the process of reading everyday even if it’s for an hour will help to bring a reading habit in you and we humans hardly let go of our habits (see, I still bite my nails sometimes)!

I know, we all tend to be busy in our everyday lives but wouldn’t you be able to invest even an hour into reading? Now, I call that an excuse! Scheduling always helps. If you’re making a weekly schedule, make sure you keep increasing the time for reading by half an hour. Before you even notice, you’ll be running a reading marathon!


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I have noticed that most of us, readers, are huge procrastinators (including me :p). I used to procrastinate so much that one time I had to complete 80 pending reviews in a month! Phew, I still remember that month as my worst nightmare. So, don’t be like me. Even if you’re not a reviewer, don’t let that pile of books stare you down as if you’re a criminal! Challenge that tbr pile and take down each one of them and just read it. That’s the only way you’ll see it decreasing.

And now here are some of the secret tips which helped me a lot. Shh, it’s only for your ears!😉

📚 While picking two books for the day, I am careful to choose one light book and a heavy one. If the heavy one has around 300 pages, the lighter one should be between 100-200 pages. This way it’s easy to complete reading two books a day. I choose to read the thick book in the morning because my brain cells remain active and energized during the day so I can absorb the substance a lot quicker. I save the thin book to read at night. But it could be the other way round for you. Depends on how you can adjust yourself to the routine.

📚 Using a pen or pencil while reading helps a lot. Dragging the pencil (no, you don’t have to underline) over the sentences helps your eyes to move faster and hence you are able to read more words in a minute which means it increases your reading speed! Now, I don’t know if there’s any scientific explanation behind the act but I have personally noticed it.

📚 Skim reading helps but I don’t recommend this at all. I won’t lie, I have done this when I was just starting off but now that I have acquired a good reading speed, I don’t opt for this method at all. Many book bloggers tend to do this because it can get tough at times to complete reading the book and posting the review within a certain deadline. But this technique doesn’t increase your reading speed in reality.

📚 Trying to understand an overall paragraph instead of trying to comprehend the underlying meaning of each sentence saves a lot of time and I can utilize that time in reading another paragraph. You might confuse this technique with skim reading but please note that both are different techniques. In skim reading, you are skipping on phrases and words but in this technique you are trying to grasp the overall meaning of a paragraph which is a completely different thing.

📚 I try to keep myself safe from distractions while reading. Mobile phone, laptops, computer; anything that proves to be a distraction, I keep them away. Also, I try to choose a good reading spot where I can concentrate properly. This is one of the most important part when it comes to increasing reading speed.

That’s all folks! Hope you all find these tips and tricks helpful. You’ll surely notice a change in your reading speed once you start incorporating these techniques in your reading schedule on a daily basis. 🍀🌻giphy 14

Lastly, here’s a healthy reminder:
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Share some your reading habits and let me know your reading goal of this year in the comments down below ✨ 💖

Sohinee Reads & Reviews



Sohinee Reads and Reviews



  1. I loved this

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 10 to 12 hours of reading a day?! That is so impressive and seriously something to aim for!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, that’s what I do these days! I love to read. It isn’t always fiction or review copies that I am reading. Sometimes I read essays, articles, maybe something history related 💜

      Liked by 1 person

  3. 10 to 12 hours of reading a day? I can hardly manage 2 with this stupid full-time job. Who needs money anyway? 😂

    But, seriously. 200-300 books a year is hella impressive! I know I’ll never be able to read that much because maintaining a blog, a full-time job, and being a master procrastinator takes up a lot of valuable reading time. 😅

    Loved this post! ❤️

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much! 💜💖

      Haha I think we all are master procrastinators! That’s why I had to remind everyone (even my self) to stop procrastinating 😂. I mean you can ditch some of the twitter time for reading, twitter queen! 😂

      But you are definitely doing great, reading, blogging, a job, being active on social media. It’s damn good!

      Liked by 1 person


        The hurt, the betrayal, omg! 😭😭😭

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Well, I guess I did! I said the words, now I can’t take it back. But, it’s true though, isn’t it? 😝

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Honestly though! I couldn’t imagine reading for more than an hour straight. I have SUCH a short attention span and I HAVE to break up my reading with distractions. Otherwise I start skimming! 😂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I read for about 3 hours in the morning, then I have college work and other stuff to do 😅. Then once I return home in the afternoon, I read for another 3 hours and take a nap. In the evening through night, I would read for about 6 hours. It’s not too difficult when you think of it this way 😉. I know 10-12 hours sounds like a lot but once you get used to it, it’s nothing at all! After all we do have 24 hours in a day and I spend only half of the day reading 😃


  4. welcome back!!!
    and what a way to be back, with a Post on HOW TO READ MORE!
    With my days and sometimes nights goes to work, I seriously need a good reading time. At times I think to just bunk my office, and spend time in bed reading.. but that kinda is not possible 😛
    also I am a majooooorr procrastinator, when it comes to write review. I easily have 50+ books I read (some from LAST YEAR) that I haven’t reviewed anywhere 😐 I NEED MAJOR MOTIVATION IN THAT 😥 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We all are procrastinators to some extent. That’s why had to remind everyone to stop doing that 😂.

      Well, this post was long due and what better time to post than when you are in a slump?! You can read those books. You definitely can!! 💜💜

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Great tips! Always wondered how can people manage so many at a time.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Honestly, I find I read too fast! I spend hours most days reading and I’ll be done with a book the day I start it. The problem is then it’s done and I get melancholy because I didn’t make it last! These are great tips for people who want to read faster; however, for me, I need to find a way to slow down and enjoy more.

    Great tips !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I wrote this post back in the mid 2017 and that time my arc pile was overflowing and there were over 60 pending reviews. I didn’t want to be banned by the publishers or the authors so I wrote this post as a motivation to breeze through all those books 😂. And, it worked wonders! Thank you for stopping by and reading this long, never-ending post! 💜


  6. Such a great post! But not buying any more books sounds fake. I’m not gonna do that I don’t think 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Well, it’s only when we have a tbr which is the size of a skyscraper 😂 but as I have mentioned in the post, I break that rule all the time 😆


  7. Omg 200-300 books a year?! I salute you! And for this unworthy listener I always find that reading multiple books at a time is my go-to 😂😂 I think I need to follow some of your tips!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha 😂. I didn’t read as much as I did the previous years because I had exams and all but I did manage to read 80 books so far 😅. Hope these tips help you! The most important is we should stop procrastinating but I am doing it right now, so 😂


  8. Maybe if I spent as much time reading as I do on WordPress Reader, Twitter and Goodreads I’d get through my TBR by the end of the year! 😂 What a great post, thanks for sharing 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha that’s true 😂. We all procrastinate and I just had to mention it! Hope you find these tips helpful 💕 and thanks for checking out my post! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Did I just choke in laughter at *laughs in books* ???? MAYBE SO. (I definitely did. I’m stealing it, too. Someone should make a gif of that scene in the HP films where the book Hagrid had the students get is trying to bite and we’ll pretend that it’s laughing instead of biting. Actually, scratch this whole freaking comment, I’m sleep deprived and don’t remember how to coherent or smart.)

    Back on track–YES to these habits. My keyboard tried to say yes to these hobbits and now I’m thinking about SAY YES TO THE DRESS except about Hobbits which is only mildly troubling and oh, great, I’m getting off topic again. Hang on. I got this.

    OKAY, what I was trying to say about this post (but somehow got off into my own little thing and I APOLOGIZE FOR IT) was this is fantastic and a lot of these habits really help me and I hope some readers see this and take note. Procrastinating is my number one issue when it comes to reading (and existing but that’s neither here nor there) so THAT’S IT, THAT’S MY GOAL: make it a habit to stop freaking procrastinating.

    Great post. Sorry for the novel of a response.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I LOVED YOUR LONG NOVEL OF A RESPONSE! I have a thing for long comment, long anything 😏. Okay, before I let my mind get dirtier 😂, I would just like to tell you how much I appreciate you checking out my post and then commenting which is more than 10 words. THANK YOU!! 🤗💜 We all need to stop procrastinating but we do forget that we have to drop that habit, don’t we?! 😂


  10. Alot of these are super good ideas! Some are really hard for me, like getting rid of distractions.


  11. Great post.
    I found that whenever am lazy or idle that when I read more books yet that had not happen this year I got suck with everything all the time.


  12. These are all excellent tips!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I am glad you found them helpful 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  13. I was just thinking of writing a post on this! Such a great post, thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. This was really useful! Thanks for sharing ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am glad you found this post helpful. Thank you for reading! 💜


    1. Thank you for including my post! I am not a monster though 😂. I knew many people would be triggered when I made that point but WE NEED SOMEONE TO TELL US NOT TO BUY ANY MORE BOOKS UNTIL WE FINISH ALL THE BOOKS ON OUR TBR! But there are cheat days when I don’t listen to my own advice so there’s that 😂


  15. leahsbooksandcooks Sep 21, 2019 — 11:36 am

    I actually do a few of these things already! I’ve used my bookmark underneath the line I’m reading to keep my eyes focused on the line I’m reading, or else I find it hard to stay focused.


  16. Excellent tips! I gave up playing games on my phone. That was a time-waster, and I’m enjoying more reading time!


  17. Rebecca Winters-King Sep 27, 2019 — 9:47 am

    Wow, this is an awesome post! I could definitely stand to rebuild my reading habit, and I think this has a lot of good tips that could help.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Rebecca! I am glad you found this post helpful 😊


  18. So many great tips. I need to start fixing a daily page objective for myself. I’m not a super fast reader and I do tend to focus a lot on the meaning of words and paragraphs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I really find setting a daily page objective helpful. Also using a pen or pencil while reading helps me to stay focused otherwise I get distracted too easily 😅


  19. You need to take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I’ll advocate this website!


  20. An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a colleague who was conducting a little homework on this. And he in fact bought me lunch due to the fact that I found it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending time to talk about this topic here on your blog.


  21. I truly love your website.. Pleasant colors & theme. Did you make this amazing site yourself? Please reply back as I’m wanting to create my own blog and want to know where you got this from or exactly what the theme is named. Kudos!


  22. This is such a cool post! I love these tips and wow you are amazing at reading! also i’m in love with your blog design!

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Wow! Two books a day is some real dedication! I’m not sure I’m quite up to that level yet!

    I used to be a much faster reader when I was younger, but ever since I started college my reading speed has majorly slowed down. But I do think you’re right and part of the reason that happened is because I began procrastinating. Whether because I was busy with other things or just procrastinating, my reading definitely decreased.

    I’m going to set myself a challenge for the next 3 weeks to try to read a half hour a day and see how that goes! I really like that idea, and as you said I can always increase that time if a half hour works out!


  24. Wonderful tips. Sometimes I don’t get enough time to read a book so I try to read one chapter per day. That helps a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! As long as you are able to make some time to read everyday, that’s more than enough 🌻


  25. 2 books a day, that’s really impressive. The tips you shared were very informative and interesting. Thank you for sharing!


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