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The Royal Arrangement by Jeana E. Mann Book Review

Book Title: The Royal Arrangement

Author: Jeanna E. Mann

Total Number of Pages: 150

Format: Kindle

Publication Date: 17th September 2019

Series: The Rebel Queen Duet


A billionaire prince searches for a new wife in this intriguing tale of power and seduction from USA Today bestselling author Jeana E. Mann.

When I walk into a room, people look twice. Once because I’m the Crown Prince of Androvia, and twice because I’m that guy—the one who makes your panties wet with just a smile. My life is grand until the unexpected death of my father. To claim the throne, I’ve got to find a wife in twenty-four hours or be forced to marry the woman who cheated on me.

A chance encounter with the daughter of my sworn enemy changes everything. The first time I saw her, she was chained to a dungeon wall. The second time I saw her, I took her to my bed. The third time, I proposed marriage. If she accepts, I’ll rule her body the same way I intend to rule my kingdom—with an iron hand and no mercy. The stakes are high for both of us. If she turns me down, I could lose the throne to my traitorous uncle. Even worse, if she accepts, I might lose my heart.

Reviewed by Sohinee Dey

TRIGGER WARNINGS: This is a Dark Romance story and contains strong language, explicit sex scenes, S/m content and a cliffhanger.

I have never read any of Jeana E Mann’s books. The Royal Arrangement was the first one that I read and boy, was I impressed. I have read numerous romance novels and if you check my Goodreads profile, you would find that almost 50% of the books that I reviewed are romance novels. Do I need to justify my choices? NO. Even though I try to convince myself that Romance is not one of my favourite genres, at the end of the day, I have to admit that reading romance novels is my guilty pleasure and I AM NOT SORRY.

As the title suggests, there is definitely a ROYAL atmosphere in the novel. In fact, our hero is a royal with a side taste of “things” which are not so polite. You get the drift, right? The Royal Arrangement has way too many characters who are in powerful positions: one a Crown Prince, A Vice President and his Daughter, Other Kings, Queens and Princes.

Often times I have noticed that some romance novels completely skip on a good plotline. It’s just the characters having sex all the time. But being a Sylvia Day fan (just look at her plots, they are so GOOD), I have since been searching for good ol’ plotlines in romance novels. I like a strong build up where you can FEEL the chemistry between the characters and you start SHIPPING them. Jeana didn’t let me down with that. The plot acted as a catalyst to bring the two protagonists together and I could actually feel the chemistry between. Jeana is a teaser for sure. Every time I wanted to see them together, Jeana would produce some obstacles in their way. ARGH! But finally they did get together and it was well, HOT, as was expected.

Now let me talk a bit about the characters. Henry is the Crown Prince of Androvia, an alpha male with a domineering side. I have read novels with BDSM content before and most of the times, I just couldn’t quite understand the male protagonists. But, Henry was someone whom I actually understood, maybe even more than Everly so to say. His character was well executed. Everly, on the other hand, I felt, lacked a lot if I consider her personality. She was a bit too putty and agreeable in my opinion. If she was a bit more fierce and feisty, I would have loved her more. Also, she had a past which was not really talked about in this book. So, I felt that Everly already had her own separate story before she was introduced in this novel.

Henry is a Dominant and he fancies a visit to an elite sex club now and then. It is in this club where he first encounters Everly and that too in the midst of a “dungeon scene”. But he is annoyed and even angry when he sees her with his antithesis. Henry is determined to have her in his life and the saga begins.

The story begins like a typical contemporary romance novel would but then soon turns into somewhat of a suspenseful story. It can be categorised as a political thriller with a romance spin to it. When it comes to the crunch, he has a country to save and enemies to fight but what about Everly, his rival’s daughter? Okay, so I am going to leave it at that because frankly I don’t even know what would happen next. Yes, the book has a CLIFFHANGER!

The story flowed smoothly throughout the book and the pace was even, no hiccups there. Jeana has a writing style which I could get used to. I would definitely look forward to the next book in this series and more from Jeana.

If I talk about the things which I didn’t like; there were a few dialogues which I couldn’t really appreciate. For instance, the fact that Henry says that he wants to “use” Everly’s body for his “own” pleasure. Other times Everly wasn’t so sure if she wanted to go with the whole bondage thingy (certain scenes, not all) with Henry. I feel that if someone really wants to be in a D/s relationship, they should be sure about it and not have any doubts at all, but then, I am no expert so I’ll leave it at that. Other than some of the problematic scenes (in my opinion), I really liked reading the book.

Poesy In Chrysalis

If you are anything like me and have a soft spot for romance novels with royal alpha males, you may like reading this book but be warned that The Royal Arrangement contains explicit sex scenes.



The Royal Arrangement by Jeana E. Mann

Jeana is a USA Today and Publishers Weekly Bestselling Author from Indiana. She gave up a career in the corporate world to write about sexy billionaires and alpha bad boys. With over twenty books and several awards beneath her belt, she’s never regretted her choice to live out her dream. She’s a free spirit, a wanderer at heart, and loves animals with a passion. When she’s not tripping over random objects, you’ll find her walking in the sunshine with her rambunctious dogs and dreaming about true love.

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  1. I am definitely adding this to the TBR. Thanks for putting it on my radar!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my, this one sounds fabulous. Definitely want to read this one. Thank you, and wonderful review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading! If you like Dark Romances, this would be a perfect fit! 💜

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Romance is definitely my guilty pleasure as well! High five love! I swear when I read the title or saw the cover I hadn’t expected S/M content. I’m definitely intrigued. Loved your review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have seen many people who deny that they love romance or even feel embarrassed to read romance books! There are other who belittle romance readers which I don’t understand at all 😐. There isn’t much S/m content, nothing like fifty Shades of Grey at least. The thing which I loved about this book is, it actually has a strong plotline other than the romance sub-plot.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah? I’ve recently heart that a lot of people disrespect romance authors because, what, romance isn’t a genre? Ridiculous!
        Ohhh! Yeah. I love strong plots with romance woven around it. Do you read Jennifer L. Armentrout or Laura Thalassa?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, I recently came across this post where a journalist really criticised all the romance authors while playing nice at the Romance convention asking them questions being all open and funny but in the end wrote a really controversial post. Nalini Singh was also mentioned. Romance is a genre and it makes up for half a billion if the total books’ sales alone!

        I have read Jennifer’s ‘Wicked’ and ‘The Problem with Forever’ but haven’t read anything by Laura 😅


  4. I love thisss I would like to read it, but I hate cliffhangers… I’ll still read it though 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The next book in the series will be out soon. So we don’t have to wait for long!! 😍

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I will definitely check it out!


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