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Today is my stop on the blog tour of Banking on Murder written by J.D. Whitelaw. Thanks to Meggy over at Red Dog Press for my spot and for the complimentary copy. This in no way affects my views. All opinions are my own.

Martha Parker runs a small private detective agency in Glasgow with her two sisters, Helen and Geri. They specialise in catching cheating partners and those playing away from home.

The Parkers are hired by the reclusive wife of a wealthy banker she suspects is breaking their vows, but when he shows up murdered, it’s up to Martha, Helen, and Geri to prove the wife’s innocence in their most dangerous case yet.

We can all agree the fact that the cover of Banking on Murder is gorgeous. I was even more interested to read the book once I read the blurb. Martha, Helen and Geri are the Parker sisters and Martha along with her sisters decided to open her own private detective agency, Parker Investigations. Martha was clever with that name! Although named the Nosey Parkers, the sisters loved their job and excelled at it. Usually dealing with cases involving cheating husbands and lovers, the Parker Sisters land a big fish when when they are contacted by Tracey to find out about Gordon’s (her husband) affair. What starts off as a usual case of affair soon turns into a murder case with Tracey as the prime suspect.

I absolutely loved the Parker Sisters! I was more invested in the sisterly bonding than the main plotline. These three characters truly shine throughout the novel (and maybe more than the actual plot). The title of this book is definitely catchy and I can see where it came from but of course I won’t be disclosing that (it’s a spoiler!). I also loved the bickering between Martha, Helen and Geri. It all felt natural and there were so many hilarious moments. They had each other’s back at all time.

I really enjoyed Whitelaw’s writing. The book is set in Glasgow, a place where I have never been to but I felt like was there while reading the book. I loved everything about the setting: the scenic descriptions, the beautiful imagery, the characters. Although we had the Parker Sisters as the main characters, there was a lack of side characters. I mean there were a few side characters here and there but not someone consistent throughout the story. It were just the Parker Sisters, their life and how they solved the cases. So, I felt that the atmosphere that you would usually find in a crime fiction, it was missing in this book.

Banking on Murder is a fun light-hearted crime fiction which would be perfect for readers who don’t like too much of gore. Also, it’s a perfect winter read! So get your cuppa, cozy up under the blankets and get yourself a copy of this book!

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