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Hope you all are doing well and Merry Christmas to each one of you!✨ We are almost at the end of this year. This year was rough for all of us but I hope that 2021 would be a little better. Enjoy the last few days of this year while they last!

Today I’ll be sharing my review of a recent book that I read called Can I Create What Stars Can’t Foretell? written by Dinesh Sahay.

This book is a guide to solutions of day to day problems of life, such as, marriage issues, partner selection, jobs, promotion, financial & expansion of business, wish/dream/goal manifestation etc. The book contains an actual program evolved by Dinesh Sahay author/mentor, “enlighten the lamp of your fortune*” for manifestation of dreams. This programme can be done for few minutes sitting in Office, at home, while travelling in train, plane, car and any person can do this belonging to any religion, faith, race or region or country. One can build millionaire consciousness and create life with least efforts and become rich and abundant? Learn how to create what you want in actual life? The ethics of art of creation of events by power of mind & five senses and become the master. God is ever ready to fulfil your demands subject to universal rules.

I think you all know by now that I don’t read much of non-fiction. It had been a really long time since I last read a non-fiction book. So when the author reached out to me, I decided to read the book, Can I create What the Stars Can’t Foretell? to push myself out of the comfort zone. I was intrigued by the title as well.

Can I Create What the Stars Can’t Foretell? is a self-help book which talks about life, its purpose and how we can make our lives more meaningful. Its a very short read and inclines towards spirituality and leading a meaningful life. This book is more of a guide where the author has talked about a programme of sort which Sahay urges us to follow to make sense of our goals, purposes and how we can achieve them. For a book which only has about 65 pages, Sahay has created a comprehensive programme which can be followed easily and be included in our day to day lives.

The programme in the book is easy to follow and can be practiced anywhere. The author has laid out everything in detail, from precautions to method and everything. Sahay has talked about subjects like Jobs, Finance, Marriage, etc. There are specific chapters that discuss how to focus on our goals and eliminate negativity from our lives. The flowcharts also helps in understanding the concepts better.

Can I Create What Stars Can’t Foretell is a simple but informative book and lives up to the genre of self-help. My complaint with the book is there are several grammatical and punctuation errors. A round of proofreading was definitely needed. Other than that, the content of the book was really impressive.



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