See What Authors are Saying About My Reviews :

“Very rarely does an author come across a review that’s as well researched, as well thought-through, as beautifully written, and as constructive in its feedback as THIS one!

Sohinee Dey – Take a bow. This is a great review. And thanks for this. I love the pictures too!”

— Sourabh Mukherjee, on review of “Colours of Passion : Unravelling Dark Secrets Behind The Limelight.

“Thank you for the review. It was authentic :)”

— Arushi Vats, Author of “Fragile Strings”

“Sohinee Dey agreed to review my book and was true to each word enunciated in her review policy. She gave an honest review of my book A Quest for Spring. She praised all that was good about the book and very gently pointed to all that the book fell short of. She never used any harsh words to put me down or the book. It was constructive criticism. It only helps me better my work. Thank you Sohinee, I shall keep in mind all that you have pointed out to and not disappoint you in my next book. Good Luck.😊”

— Monica Mujumdar Dixit, Author of “A Quest for Spring”

“Don’t buy a book before reading a detailed review about it. 

I like the way you have done it.”

— Ravish T. Ram, Author of “Fictitious Dream”

“Thank you so much. Your willingness to review itself is a honor, Sohinee Dey. I have heard about you. An unbiased reviewer and an excellent editor.”

“Wow Sohinee! The long wait was indeed worth. What a review! I feel honored by the genuine words of appreciation! Thank you so much!”

— Arvind Narsima, Author of “The Aravan Head”

“So glad that you enjoyed reading my novel. Also, your review of my book was insightful and beautifully written.”

— Sanchali Bhattacharya, Author of “A Home For Urvashi”

“Thank you Sohinee for your insightful review. It was a pleasure to read it and I have taken some points on board for Broken Rule.”

— Ameeta Davis, Author of “River Rule”

“Thanks for your Goodreads review. I have seen my book pic on your blog. It’s amazing and it’s an honest review. I liked it. I will not disappoint you in my next book.”

— Sohil Ashvin Shah, Author of “Come Back To Leave Me…again”

“Thank you…would like to hear from you again for my second book.” 

— Pranay Tiwari, Author of “Stop Loving Me”

“Thank you for your honest review. I appreciate the finer points of your review.

— Sana Shetty, Author of “Paybacks and Betrayals”

“Many thanks for the lovely review. Very grateful. I am happy that you liked the book.”

— Rajat Narula, Author of “Jasmine Bloom”

“Thank you for unbiased review for the book. I will keep all the points to improve in my next one. Soon this year will send you the review copy of next one too.”

— Brijesh Kumar Pathak, Author of “An Untold Story of A Common Boy”

“Thank you Sohinee Dey for the insightful review.”

— Devraj Singh Kalsi, Author of “Pal Motors”

“Hi Sohinee. Just read your review of my book. Very well written. Thanks. 🙂 Of all the readers, your interpretation of the book has been the closest.”

— Ashutosh Gupta, Author of “Equations of A Being”

“Thanks for the very nuanced review.”

— Nandini Sengupta, Author of “The King Within”

“Thanks for the review. It’s awesome! Very detailed. :)”

— Aashish Gupta, Author of “Demons in My Mind”

“Thanks for sharing your review and reading “8 Hours”. It’s an ode to the women I’ve interacted with and learnt from over the years. Feedback noted and appreciated. :)”

— Upendra Namburi, Author of “8 Hours”

“Hi Sohinee… thank you so much firstly :). Very well balanced review 😊👍🏼. Actually you are one of the few reviewers who didn’t mind the length of the book 😄.”

— Ankita Dutta Verma, Author of “Trust Me Not”

“Hi Sohinee…Thank you for your lovely review! Loved your positives as well criticism…it would certainly help to improve my writing. However seasoned I am in the field of medicine but here in writing I consider myself as a novice…ready to learn every day! Great to be connected with you in my writing journey.”

— Madhu Vajpayee, Author of “I Owed You One”

“Hi Sohinee, thanks for posting the review. Its very fair and will definitely help me improve as a writer. And let me also appreciate, you are a voracious reader judging by the speed at which you post the reviews!”

— Pratima Srivastava, Author of “The Drift Wood”

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