Masquerade: A Prose Poem

Stretched along in front of her was the forlorn fortress. She trailed along in the dress sewn by her seamstress, her nerves were in distress but she wore a veil of de-stress, appearing to be seamless; parting the crowd in a manner so ceaseless that the crowd erupted in a sigh so dreamless. The night was bright; the sky jewelled with sparkling stars, stretching over the horizon so far, no limits, and no bars. The different shades of the night sky, almost an aurora—a majestic sight to witness by the eyes.

The orchestrated music; symphonic, melodious, euphonic—pleasing to the ears, the harmony filled the room tranquillity yet a hint of sensuousness, unmistakable in its playfulness. Her diaphanous dress, the rhinestones catching the light, glittering merrily—a sight to behold, and then there he was, standing in amidst the crowd so vast. Tempting looks and stolen glances were cast, made promises to last but the crowd parted them as a must. They met again; but this time, their efforts didn’t go in vain. They found themselves in each other’s arms, dancing along amidst the swarms. His smile was affable but his aura—a mystery, an allure so beckoning.

Compliments were thrown in darts, elegantly in the form of an art. He complimented her skin to be flawless, but to the secrets, he was still clueless, for, she was impeccably credulous. She complimented his charisma to be appealing, glances in between she was stealing, oblivious to the secrets, imposed were feelings. She moved forward, propelled by a daze, everything faded out as if in a haze. Standing closer she was amazed but the mask left his features caged. The tension was palpable; the attraction, unmistakable; the sparks—an inferno; the desirability, not easily placable.

He made gestures so grandiose and used words in ploce. Hidden was the fact that she was a Grosz, trivial even though it was; a part of her existence it was—an identity, but that didn’t stop them from being in Beauce. Gameplay was on, so was the desire to seduce, and soon, words were forgotten; into a tangled mass they were reduced. The notorious game of hide and seek went on and on, and then, it was the day, when the game lost its tenor; subdued to despondence.

The sun kissed the sky a goodbye and drove down the horizon. Peeked out the moon, appearing to be a sullen wizen. Along came the midnight with a drizzle. Gold plating and titanium armour melted away, leaving them feeling abashed. Two fleshes stared; completely gashed. The entire simulacrum dissipated, the paradigm completely lost to animosity. He turned out to be a bawdy and boorish man, abhorrent to the mind, aberrant to the skin. She dusted off her sound demeanour into the nearest bin; almost grotesque, she was to akin.

Acceptance took mercy even after their sins. Promised: a legacy they would build with their love, rich with tenderness, deep yearning for togetherness, lust after each other’s soul; devote themselves to build a foundation with their love—cocooned by warmth, intimacy and attachment—strong enough to withstand society’s narrowed eyes; no longer indulge themselves to amours; feed on each other’s soul and help each other to grow—never running out of each other, their deep affinity driving them towards infinity, a romance lasting for eternity and vowed, towards each other, they would forever lean.

© Sohinee Dey


After a long time I posted another one of my writings. Hope you all enjoyed reading it. I would love to know what you thought of this prose poem. I would really appreciate it if you could take some time out to leave a comment. I always love to hear from you people😊❤.

Thank you for reading! 


13 thoughts on “Masquerade: A Prose Poem

  1. Hi there!
    I enjoyed this work as it was powerful and intense.

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  2. Beautiful Sohinee! I loved your play and usage of words 👍

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  3. Wow:)
    I have literally mugged up the last two lines:)

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  4. I loved reading it. Good work.

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  5. betweenthelines2017blog Aug 15, 2017 — 4:51 pm

    You are so talented, your writings are heart touching, beautiful and meaningful. Thank you for following my blog, I’m honored and grateful for discovering yours!
    Many blessings,

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    1. Oh my! Thank you so much ❤. You made my day with your comment 😍😍. Hope to see you again! 😇


  6. Clever flow of words, deep feeling too!

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