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How have you all been?

I have been binge-watching K-Dramas on Netflix and boy, is it addictive!😭 On my third drama now, Forecasting Love and Weather. Once you land yourself in the K-Drama or K-Pop land, there really is no going back. What’s your favorite Netflix show?

As a book lover, I have always looked for book-themed items, whether be it stationery or home décor items. Not to forget, that I do use a lot of props in my photos, for which I do need items that match the theme of the photos.

On my search to find some quirky, minimalistic and aesthetic items, I landed on and of course, I went on an online shopping spree!😂 Hope you all can also find something useful from these items that I am sharing today!

1. Table Lamp That Can Double As A Stationery Holder

Who wouldn’t love a pen stand that can also be used as a night lamp? I have been on the lookout for a cute pen holder that wouldn’t take up too much of my desk space and can also act as a table lamp at night. And, guess what? I finally found one that does exactly that!

I recently got myself this Trophy-shaped Desk Lamp and it’s so cute and aesthetic! Nothing beats white!

Trophy-shaped Desk Lamp

After using it for about 3-4 days, here are the pros and cons that I noticed:


  • Round stand that doesn’t take too much of desk space.
  • Lightweight yet sturdy, doesn’t topple over.
  • USB power supply.
  • Can be plugged in with a charger or computer.
  • Warm yellow light.
  • Can hold up to 10-15 stationery items including pens, pencils, bookmarks, etc.
  • The USB cable is pretty long which allows the lamp to be set on the table while in use.


  • With continued usage of over 8 hours, the body of the lamp heats up.
  • The on/off slider on the stand sometimes get stuck.

2. Book Ends

As a book lover, I have always wanted to get a set of book ends to keep some books on my desk. But the ones on Amazon and other ecommerce platforms were pretty costly and I just kept pushing the purchase all these years.

But, I finally have it! Whoop!🤩 What’s even better is that it comes with two gramophone-shaped pen stands as well! Not only is this Vintage Gramophone Bookends a perfect gift but it is is multifunctional. Book stacking made easier while keeping all the stationery organized and your desk clutter-free!

Vintage Gramophone Bookends


  • Good sturdy material.
  • Made of Resin.
  • Retro vibes.
  • Polished smooth surface that won’t scratch the desk.
  • Perfect gift item for bookworms and melomaniacs!


  • Pretty Heavy.
  • Have to be cautious while handling the product.


No matter how often we use Google Calendar, there’s just a different charm to having a wall or desk calendar. I love a good wall calendar that comes with illustrations or a quirky desk calendar. If it’s a wooden desk calendar, that’s even better! When it comes to stationery, I love products that are minimalistic and aesthetic.

Being in this “organizing” mood feels good really good! To complement everything that I have set up on my desk, I got myself this Minimalistic Table Calendar that adds to the minimalistic and aesthetic vibe that I was going for.

Wondering whether celebrity brands are worth it? Read more about my take on EK by Ekta Kapoor. Is it really worth the hype? Find out here!

4. File & Folder Organizer

Although I can be a messy person sometimes, I do like to keep my desk organized since it’s of compact size and I don’t like it when the desk is overly messy with books and files scattered everywhere. This cute lemon printed file keeper does the job very well.

I got myself two of these Lemon Printed File Organizer and from a price point, I am quite happy with the size of it.

Lemon-printed File Keeper


  • Made of Cardboard material.
  • Lightweight but sturdy build.
  • Holds up to 5 thick files or a mix of notebooks and books.
  • Aesthetically pleasing when set up on the desk.


  • Since it’s made of cardboard material, I wonder how long it will hold up.

5. Mobile Stand

Nothing beats a quirky mobile stand set on the desk. I did have a mobile stand but it was one of those metal stands that did the job but my mobile would often slide away from the sides. So, I wanted something that can hold on to it.

And, of course I finally have mobile holder that I wanted! I recently bought this Geek Astro Mobile Stand that comes in white color and goes really well with the minimalistic vibe that I am following for my desk setup. It is a bit on the pricier side but I decided to splurge a little with this item.


  • Can be used for all sizes of mobile phones.
  • Made of Polyresin.
  • Lightweight yet Sturdy.
  • Can be gifted to your loved ones.
  • Acts as a tabletop showpiece.


  • Need to be careful while handling so that the color doesn’t chip off.
  • Cannot be placed on car dashboard.
  • Does take up a lot of space on the desk.

What is one of the stationery items that is on your top 5 list? Let me know in the comments down below!


Signing off,

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  1. Ooh, I love the gramophone bookends; so retro! I wouldn’t mind a real gramophone too, come to think of it… 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, the gramophone bookends are retro! I am really into the vintage vibes here! Hey, I wouldn’t mind a real gramophone either 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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