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Been a while, huh? How have you all been? It’s been so cold here in Kolkata. I really hate winters 😭. Even if you layer up so much, you can’t help but feel the winter chills! Ugh!!

This year has been rough for me and amidst dealing with all the mishaps, I barely managed to read around 15-16 books. But looking back at the books that I read this year, I definitely prioritized quality over quantity. Almost all my reads were either 4 star or 5 stars!

I read Abhijeeth Hiliyana’s Krishna Deva Raya last month and I think if you are a historical or mythological fiction fan, you’ll definitely want to get your hands on it!

He fought, he loved, he conquered…

Vijayanagara, 1485. The second son of a famed army commander, Tuluva Krishna sees around him a decaying empire assailed by the treachery of vassals and the belligerence of neighbours. Determined to restore peace and glory to the Vijayanagara Samrajya, Krishna, hot-headed and impatient, follows in his father’s footsteps and begins his military service under Emperor Saluva Narasimha.

Peace, though, is hard to forge, and Krishna’s loyalty, ingenuity and persistence towards his singular cause are constantly tested, both on and off the battlefield. Fuelled by his passion and his dreams of one day uniting with his true love – the rebellious, enigmatic temple dancer, Chinna – Krishna quickly rises through the ranks. But he soon finds that the way up is beset with intrigue and danger.

Can Krishna navigate the intricate web of politics that threatens the great empire? And can he rebound from devastating betrayal and prove his mettle as a true leader?

Raising the dust of battle, the stench of conspiracy and the bittersweet aroma of love, Krishna Deva Raya: The Boy Who Would Be King tells the dramatic tale of a valiant soldier who has come to be known as one of India’s greatest emperors.

While I have never been good with history, preparing for competitive exams has definitely helped me update my knowledge of Indian history! So, when I first came across Krishna Deva Raya written by Abhijeeth Hiliyana, I was glad that I had a fair amount of knowledge about the great emperor of Vijayanagara Empire (Karnata Kingdom), Krishnadevaraya. After the downfall of the Delhi Sultanate, Krishnadevaraya became a prominent emperor. But I didn’t read a detailed account of his life, so, the author’s portrayal of Krishna Deva Raya and how he rose to power was interesting to read.

This is the first installment in the Krishna Deva Raya Series and depicts the story of how a young boy went on to become the revered Krishnadevaraya. Through the many victories, sacrifices, and such decisive actions at such a young age, it became evident that Krishna was no ordinary man.

What drew me in despite my disinterest in the genre was definitely the prologue. Talk about hooking someone right at the beginning! The conversation between Krishna and Vyasatheertha was really meaningful.

Death comes to all, Krishna. Most simply disappear from the hearts and minds of the people. A few remain as a cherished memory for decades or sometimes centuries. But your name, the name of Krishna Deva Raya, will live on forever. Even death will have no power over that.

Vyasatheertha, Krishna Deva Raya

I am a sucker for action scenes, and when it comes to historical or mythological fiction, actions scenes are probably the highlight. So, imagine my interest when I stumbled across the fight between Krishna Deva Raya and Uglu Khan to protect Gersoppa at the beginning of the story!

We also get a glimpse of how young Krishna was and how humane he was from his afterthoughts of the war.

What I really liked about Abhijeet Hiliyana’s writing style is how simple and effortless it is. More often than not, historical accounts can be intimidating, but the author’s adoption of such an uncomplicated voice, helped me follow the story without any hiccups. The tone was such that it complimented the scenes; during the action scenes, it was quite sharp, during the family political scenes, it was quite dramatic, and during Krishna’s monologues, there was a sense of loss and longing.

Another noteworthy point is the fact that since this book is based on a ruler of whom most people would have already read about, it was interesting to see how the author managed to distinguish the story from being another boring historical account. It was engrossing to get an insight into the empire politics of Vijayanagara. One could easily tell the amount of research that went into writing this book. And, not to forget, the heart-rending romance between the Krishna Deva Raya, who belonged to a royal family and Chinnamma Devi, who was a temple dancer. I am sure it raised several eyebrows at that time!

To sum up, I really enjoyed reading the book. From the writing to the portrayal of the character, there was very little to not like about this book. So, let me say this again, if you closely follow the works of Amish, Ashwin Sanghi and their likes, you’re bound to find Krishna Deva Raya’s journey fascinating.


Abhijeeth Hiliyana is an author who writes mainly about Indian Mythology and History. He has always been fascinated by Indian history, especially the medieval history of India which is not covered much by the mainstream Indian media. He aims to bring forth the stories of the lost Indian kings whose names while forgotten in the pages of history deserve to be remembered. Apart from the Krishna Deva Raya Series, he has also authored Age Apostasy Knife Edge and Gardi Rebirth.

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